Until we make our own video please use this from a 1980’s ITF Korean training video for the idea and measures

The Idea of two step sparring is to understand distance, timing, focus, and correct technique with adapting distance between the two techniques. It also makes sure the two players use both hand and foot techniques.

Both players face each other and at the command of attention bow, they bow. Then at the command of 2 step sparring ready, the attacker takes the right leg back to perform a right L-Stance stance forearm guarding block. The defender moves the left foot into parallel ready stance, both shouting “YA”.

Measure Ups

No measure, just the appropriate distance for the initial attack chosen by the attacker. There are no set two step sparring within the UTA, however please find some examples below.


Walking stance middle obverse punch 2. Low front snap kick
Walking stance middle inner forearm obverse side block 2. Walking stance X fist pressing block
Obverse punch punch

Right middle side turning kick 2. L-Stance left middle outward knife hand strike
Right L-Stance Knife hand side block
Left L-Stance outer forearm side block
Right low side piercing kick

Walking stance straight fingertip thrust
Left back piercing kick
Left L-Stance outer forearm inward block 2. Right rear foot stance palm downward block
Right reverse turning kick

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